cookies Policy

cookies Policy


When a user access any particular website on his browser, the website sends some information to the browser and this information is saved by browser as a text file. And every time the user access the same website the browser send this file to the website server. These are used by the web developers to work efficiently on their website.

We use the cookies which are free from harmful or malicious material. Also these follow the standards. These cookies are used to improve your experience on our website and also to improve our performance.

These cookies are of two types:

  1. Session
  2. Persistent

The cookies which remain on your device for the time your browser remains active are called as session cookies. And the cookies which stay on your device for long time are known as persistent cookies. The cookies can be deleted or blocked. But if cookies are not active some specific services on that website cannot be accessed by you. The third party websites may also send you cookies which are called as third party cookies; these are used to serve you specific ads.

The cookies on this website are of following types:

Performance Cookies:

To provide user’s a better experience and to control or monitor how users use our website these cookies are used by us. These cookies help us to find the number of peoples who visit our website and the pages they visited on our website. By using this information we try to improve our website according to user’s need.

 Cookies for Internet based advertising:

These cookies enable third parties to find what you like on internet. These cookies are not only from us but they can be an overall combination of cookies sent by us and other also. By using these cookies it is determined that which advertisements are displayed when you are browsing the internet.

 Cookies for Session Management:

These cookies are commonly used by us so that your movement from one page to other become fluent and you can access the services on our website. Most of these cookies are session type. But some of them are also of persistent type.

 Functionality cookies:

These cookies provide you the facility to fix and store choices or preferences for this website. For example, when the option is given to you to change material on this website or to post comments

 On-site banner advertisements:

By using our advertising we may assign places to other websites like third party advertising agencies to serve advertisements on our website using cookies to our website. We will retain your information for a very reasonable period within the law.

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